Temperature and air humidity, water and soil

Outdoor air temperature-humidity sensors

Indoor air temperature-humidity sensors

Soil&water temperature sensors

Soil moisture sensors 

Penetration temperature sensors for bio-compost

Contact temperature sensors

Grass surface temperature sensors

Thermic flux sensors

Electronic psychrometers


Forest fires

Fuel moisture sensor for forest fire monitoring

Alert wireless sensors with temperature, humidity, CO2 measurements...

Solar radiation

Sylicon cell pyranometers

Second Class thermopile pyranometers

First Class thermopile pyranometers

Secondary Standard class thermopile pyranometers

Net solar radiometers

UV Radiometers

Radiometers for special applications: Albedometers, Sunshine duration, Pyrgeometers, PAR, Pyreliometers...



Outdoor barometers with static port

Indoor barometers

Pitot tubes

Leaf wetting, presence of rain, evaporation

Rain presence sensor with heating

Wet leaves sensor

Ice presence sensor

Evaporimeter with class A pan compliant with WMO

Weather station with potential evapotranspiration calculation (Fao-WMO Penman Monteith's method)...

Wind speed and direction

Compact Cup anemometers and Wind vane

High performance anemometers wih anti-icing heater

Biaxial sonic anemometers, heated and multiparametric

Triaxial sonic anemometers, heated and multiparametric...

Atmospheric precipitation

200cm2 rain gauges with or without heater

400cm2 rain gauges with or without heater

Rain-snow-hail-frost-dew detector

Wet&Dry samplers...